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Your role as a school administrator is tough, especially when you need to find quality therapists to fill staffing needs.

Teletherapy offers a viable solution to growing, underfunded, rural, or unique school districts who may have difficulty finding in-person therapists.

What are the advantages?

Cost effective

By reducing drive time for clinicians, room space, and materials budgets, there is an all around cost savings for the district in hiring on a therapist to meet IEP needs.

Kid friendly

Our students actually love signing into therapy because engaging with our therapists on the computer using fun, interactive games is really motivating.


The American Speech-Language Hearing Association backs telepractice as an ethical and viable service delivery model for most clients given a quality technological setup. We work diligently with schools to ensure that our students get the best service available that's on par with in-person service.

Brings in the best

By allowing us to tap into the network of speech therapists across the nation, we can vet the very best clinicians with versatile backgrounds who can meet your IEP needs.


By cutting down on sick days and snow days, we get more valuable therapy time in with our students and are in compliance with IEP minutes.


We currently offer a comprehensive range of special education services for weekly treatment, IEPs, and evaluations:

  • Speech therapists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Educational psychologists

  • Social workers and other mental health specialists

We are familiar with most online IEP systems such as SEIS, or even scanned in documents. We work to cater our therapists to your school district's needs in terms of scheduling, caseload, and individual student needs. 


We take pride is using one the most secure systems available. Other teletherapy companies may offer password protection or use proprietary software, but true HIPAA and FERPA compliance comes from signing a BAA agreement with your videoconferencing provider. We have ensured that all sessions provided by us are encrypted to prevent viewing by outside entities, all emails are secure between our providers, families, and the school, and that online documentation is kept secure with robust password protection and locked computers. 


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There are a few things needed to get started with teletherapy.

If you have a brick and mortar school, you can typically use one to two computers for all students.

If your students are being served at multiple schools or in the home, we have recommendations for basic computer set-ups to make the transition into teletherapy seamless.

  • A PC or Mac (either stand alone or laptop)

  • A stable Internet connection, preferably through a wired Ethernet port

  • Web browser of your choice

  • Software

    • An account with our platform which will allow you access to therapy sessions, homework activities, and treatment notes

  • Hardware: monitor (external preferred), webcam, microphone or headset, keyboard and mouse

*Note: We do not recommend using Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, or phones to log-in to our sessions as they severely limit the capability of the platforms we use. A standard computer with keyboard and mouse is required to really access therapy. We have recommendations for all levels of hardware as you are looking to buy for your district, so please don't hesitate to ask us for recommendations!

whAT is in the room?

A quiet, reserved room is essential for a good teletherapy session on both ends. We ensure that our clinicians work in a quiet environment away from distractions and noise, and ask that our students are provided with the same learning space.

Many younger students will require an aide to bring them to and from the therapy room or sit with them to help stay on task. Older students who have built rapport with their therapists may become comfortable coming to therapy and logging in without assistance, but we ask that an adult is available to help all students log in as necessary to ensure timely delivery of service minutes.

We also ask that students seen in the home setting have an adult present in the house at all times for technological troubleshooting. Like most therapy, a stable chair and table are a must for good attention to the tasks.


No problem! We're happy to guide you through the process of choosing teletherapy for your school. Contact us today to learn more about services offered, pricing structures, and tech recommendations for your district. 

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