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What is Linguabilities?

We specialize in speech therapy for a modern world, where clients need to connect with therapists easily and on their schedule. We provide quality, online therapy for children and adults from trained and licensed therapists who care about making changes in their clients' lives. 



We offer a full range of services from screenings and evaluations to therapy and consultations. We are versed in school-based services including IEP documentation and progress notes. 


Does Online therapy Really Work?

Yes! Click below to learn how online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for most clients. 

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Marissa Rocheleau


Owned by speech pathologist Marissa Rocheleau, Linguabilities has been in business since 2014 where it started in Chicago as an in-person company. It has grown to serve clients all around the country using cutting edge telepractice technologies for both children and adults.

Marissa received her Bachelors degree from Indiana University in 2010, double majoring in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Linguistics. She worked with individuals with disabilities throughout her college career, including providing verbal behavior analysis services to children with autism, working with college-aged students with Asperger's syndrome on social skills and executive functioning, and facilitating communication for hard-of-hearing children with their peers.

In 2012, Marissa completed a Masters degree in Speech Pathology at Indiana University. During her graduate coursework, Marissa completed externships in both medical and school placements, providing services for individuals with a variety of speech, language, cognitive, swallowing, and social needs. She has provided evaluation and treatment services to students ages 3-21 in the school setting. Marissa is licensed in six states in speech pathology and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

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As a company, we specialize in pediatrics, accent modification, and executive functioning, but welcome any and all individuals seeking private speech therapy services!

For school districts looking into remote services, contact us to learn more about how teletherapy can help your school meet IEP needs affordably!



A brief assessment of whether a full evaluation should be conducted. These are done on a "pass/fail" basis and typically last 15-30 minutes. Will include a brief summary of results and recommendations for next steps. Free.



Evaluations offer an in-depth assessment of speech and language including receptive language, expressive language, oral motor skills, articulation, pragmatic language, voice, and stuttering. In the case of accent modification, this evaluation is compared to Mainstream American English norms, but is not considered disordered, simply a language difference. We do not currently evaluate or treat feeding or swallowing.  Contact for pricing.



Speech therapy sessions directly address treatment goals. These typically last 30-60 minutes depending on your needs. Sessions include time at the end to discuss progress and answer any questions. Contact for pricing.


Specifically for school districts. Speech therapy evaluations, treatment, consultation, and case management in compliance with IDEA law for students receiving special education services. Full-service package of part-time and full-time SLPs to meet your staffing needs. Contact for pricing. 

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Yes! While this is a newer form of delivery, research shows that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for most clients. Therapists are bound to the same standards that they would be in-person and are all licensed and certified in both their own state of residence, as well as your state of residence.

If you're a therapist interested in learning more about starting up, check out this course our owner wrote for beginning teletherapists or contact us to learn more.

Speech therapy is an allied health field that identifies and treats disorders of speech, language, cognition, and swallowing. We work closely with professionals including doctors, occupational therapists, and teachers to help support our clients. 

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We use secure, encrypted platforms for all therapy sessions to ensure both HIPAA and FERPA compliance for all clients. 

Teletherapy is held in the client's home, school, or other convenient setting that is quiet and private. All you need to conduct a session is a stable Internet connection!


When I went to the big institutions, I felt like a number. Working with Marissa makes me feel like an individual. She brings interesting, fun activities that help me regain my independence faster. Marissa is absolutely fantastic!

- C.V.

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I used Marissa's accent reduction services for about three months. She was always very professional, creative, and just a great tutor to work with. The way Marissa was teaching was better than any other accent reduction classes I took before I met Marissa. I would highly recommend Marissa to anybody who is looking for any accent reduction specialist.   

— N.R.

Sandra is happy with her speech services. She looks forward to her appointment every week. Thank you.

— M.F.

Shem's speech therapist is EXCELLENT.

— S.D.

My husband and I were so pleased with our son's progress during the months he spent working with Marissa and feel thankful for the semester that Max could learn from her.  Marissa was not only interested in Max as a client but really interested in Max as a person. She used things Max was interested in and engaged in his sessions each week. She always had Max's best interest in mind and wanted him to succeed. 

— r.h.

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