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A brief assessment of whether a full evaluation should be conducted. These are done on a "pass/fail" basis and typically last 15-30 minutes. Will include a brief summary of results and recommendations for next steps. 




Evaluations offer an in-depth assessment of speech and language including receptive language, expressive language, oral motor skills, articulation, pragmatic language, voice, and stuttering. In the case of accent modification, this evaluation is compared to Mainstream American English norms, but is not considered disordered, simply a language difference. We do not currently evaluate or treat feeding or swallowing.  

$300-400, depending on areas tested



Speech therapy sessions directly address treatment goals. These typically last 30-60 minutes depending on your needs. Sessions include time at the end to discuss progress and answer any questions. 

$100/hour, $50/30 minutes, $75/45 minutes



Specifically for school districts. Speech therapy evaluations, treatment, consultation, and case management in compliance with IDEA law for students receiving special education services. Full-service package of part-time and full-time SLPs to meet your staffing needs. 

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