Since 2014, we have led the effort to change the way speech therapy is done by focusing on quality over quantity.


Our Mission

To revolutionize the therapeutic experience by connecting clients of all ages with highly trained and passionate therapists in an online setting. By focusing on lasting relationships and evidence-based practice, we aim to provide the best quality teleptherapy available.

She was easily accessible, from the comfort of home which made it so easy for our family, with two working parents and a million weekly commitments.
— W.B., Florida
She found ways that were the best for me to help myself and didn’t make me practice things that made me uncomfortable. In the end, I believe she has done a fantastic job with helping me and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is reading this.
— B.B., Florida
When I went to the big institutions, I felt like a number. Working with Marissa makes me feel like an individual. She brings interesting, fun activities that help me regain my independence faster. Marissa is absolutely fantastic!
— C.V., Chicago
I used Marissa’s accent reduction services for about three months. She was always very professional, creative, and just a great tutor to work with. The way Marissa was teaching was better than any other accent reduction classes I took before I met Marissa. I would highly recommend Marissa to anybody who is looking for any accent reduction specialist.
— N.R., Chicago
Sandra is happy with her speech services. She looks forward to her appointment every week. Thank you.
— M.F., California
My husband and I were so pleased with our son’s progress during the months he spent working with Marissa and feel thankful for the semester that Max could learn from her. Marissa was not only interested in Max as a client but really interested in Max as a person. She used things Max was interested in and engaged in his sessions each week. She always had Max’s best interest in mind and wanted him to succeed.
— R.H., Indiana
Shem’s speech therapist is EXCELLENT.
— S.D., California

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