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If you’re like me, you’re hesitant to pull the trigger on purchases. I want you think about this. Training for telepractice is an investment. It’s an investment in yourself and your career. This is going to make you a better therapist. This is going to set your business up for success. That is truly priceless.
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Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll learn skills in assessments, treatment, adults, pediatrics, behavior management, moderate/severe caseloads, AAC, dysphagia, and starting up your own business! We’ll meet every Monday and Friday starting Aug. 12th through Sept. 20th at 1:00 pm EST.

**Note: now that classes have started, we’ve opened up registration for single modules.


Here is our schedule of 12 must-have telepractice courses starting Monday, August 12th!

**Note: now that classes have started, we’ve opened up registration for single modules.

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evaluation and treatment in telepractice:

part I

This fantastic course is designed as an introduction to teletherapy evaluation and treatment for speech-language pathologists working with either children or adults. The course covers client factors, privacy concerns, technology considerations, and application of clinical knowledge to this new service delivery model.

This course was very thorough for an introduction to telepractice. Marissa provided a lot of practical comments based on her experience and expertise. I enjoyed the course especially the demonstrations on the evaluation and treatment sessions. The handouts and references to go along with the presentation were also very helpful.
— S.L., August 2018
I found the sections on basic hardware needed, tips for presentation, considerations for privacy, and licensure issues more helpful. I also liked the video examples and tips for evaluating.
— A.L., January 2019

evaluations in telepractice: part II

This course serves as a follow-up to the introductory Evaluation and Treatment in Telepractice course, part one. It covers issues related to choosing paper-based and digital evaluations, relevant factors that may impact assessments online for children and adults, and discusses potential solutions for common challenges in the online realm.

This course suits the direction my practice is going. I especially liked the list of online testing available.
— L.A.
I appreciated the telepractice evaluations and getting to see how a student would do with teletherapy as well as the application to my field.
— K.M.
This was excellent!

— A.P., April 2019